Communicated to our clients

We regret this situation of the covid-19 worldwide, and that this situation is affecting your trip, to get to know our beautiful Amazon and the desire we had for you to be here with us, and make this visit the best experience. for now it is not possible since our president closed the borders, we know that these measures affect you and also us, for this reason we ask you, please we beg you, do not cancel your trip and can reschedule another date so you can come to visit us, this measure will help us a lot, for the moment all our staff have financial needs and we are supporting them so that in the same way we ask you to support us and do not cancel your reservation, reschedule your trip until next year, it will have no cost . But if you still want to cancel your reservation and request a refund of your money, we can do it from the month of May. our tours is not available until first week of april.

Thank you very much for your understanding and for being so flexible.


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