Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We cure all spiritual ills. Also make herbal preparations, from aphrodisiacs to purifying the blood and the body, help prevent many diseases. Ayahuasca ceremonies conducted special diet for tourists. For this we have the best teachers Ayahuasqueros of the Peruvian Amazon. As the shaman Master Abraham, and Master Ignacio. How to Prepare?


We group adventure trips for tourists from 3-10 days Pariamanu rivers, river stones, Tambopata, with shots of ayahuasca in the jungle, and walks into the jungle to see many medicinal plants. We make offerings to the holy land (Pachamama) to thank for their kindness and harmony protection order, improvement and prosperity. We give instruction in traditional medicine of the jungle. Also you can try ayahuasca in the last day of your tour.


Price is USD $100 per person


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Adress in Puerto Maldonado: Avenue. Elmer Faucett Km. 6.3 S/N Puerto Maldonado - Perú  Celular: 982 683 888 / 974597781 - E-mail: tambopatajungletours@gmail.com