How to get to Puerto Maldonado

By air
To get to Puerto Maldonado , usually must travel from Lima - Cusco before reaching the Padre Aldamiz (PEM ) from Puerto Maldonado airport. Since domestic flights in Peru changed much , Commercial flights in and out of Puerto Maldonado are almost always in the morning until noon .

Make sure you have your immunization against yellow fever , local officials often ask for it though can not " Mandatory " but necessary.

By Road
The road to Puerto Maldonado from Cuzco is better as it is part of the Inter-Oceanic Highway , and today the bus take 10 hours, so most opt for faster and more comfortable than 30 minutes flight . The price of bus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, is from S/. 50.00 to S/. 80.00 Soles these prices are the most desirable in terms of the quality of bus , there are cheaper but not recommended for the service they provide.

By the water
You can get to Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata whether or Mother of God , rivers but this is not possible for tourists.

It is relatively close to the Tambopata Reserve is famous for its rich biodiversity, including but not cheap to visit as a permit is required to enter . If you just want to see how it looks the jungle, you can make it out of the park much cheaper in the Tambopata Reserved Zone .
If you're feeling adventurous and want to explore the surroundings here at the Tarantula Eco-Hostal may be asked to rent a bike, there are several places in town that rent bikes.

Most visitors to Puerto Maldonado use the city as a starting point , but if you are staying for a day or two , ask the administrator of the hostel to take to Lake Sandoval, parrot clay lick , adventures tous ( Canopy Walk, zip line, kayak , biking , etc. . ) or ayahuasca ceremony. each activity takes more than one full day. but if you want more days , day trips also offered 2-3-4-5-6