At what time start the jungle tour?

The tour start usually depends your arrival time, when you make a booking please choose a close time at your arrival, and then send us your arrival information for pick you up and start the tour.


At what time does the tour end on the last day?
Tours end around 8:00 am, then transfer to the airport and / or bus terminal. if you have late flight, bus or you will stay one night in town you can spend more time in the lodge and be transfer to the town depending the next departure time.

If I have a very late flight or bus?
You can coordinate with our staff so that you can leave later if you wish, and you can also do some extra activity.


Why our price is lower than other companies and have best price?
We have best price because we are the owner and we are locals native tour operator, our family born in this area and we love this jobs and we want to give you the best service for a good price, that is :-)


What things should I bring for the jungle tour?
Flashlights with enough batteries for night walks , binoculars , insect repellent with more than 30% deet , bottle of water for the first day .

What clothing should I bring for the tour?

We recommend pants comfortable cloth for walking and long sleeve shirts, but if you bring a good repellent can dress with short clothes , trekking shoes if rains we will facilitate you rubber boots for the tour, so we will give you the boots on arrival in Puerto Maldonado, office.

Do I need to bring extra money for the tour?
We recommend bringing some cash in case you want some extra drink at the lodge as soft drinks, beer , drinks and / or tips for staff will be at your service.


Why the price in standard room and bungalows?
We always are improving our service, that is why now we have bungalows room with more privacy with hot shower, so when you make your booking you have now the option to choose this room, for $10 more per night per person,


Is there electricity in the lodge?

Yes, we have from solar panels, we are a Eco-friendly Lodge, please help to save the world and be very carefully when you use the electricity, only for recharge camara, phones, not use for other equipment, that consume a lot of energy.

If I have any allergies or suffer illness before I report ?
If of course, so that we can provide good service and help to know how should report any illness and / or allergies you have .

In the tour do you have the option of vegetarian or vegan nutrition ?
Yes, of course we have options for vegetarians and vegans, right through request sent an e -mail , your food requirement.